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When members of Long Island, N.Y., Local 25 learned of a museum being built to honor a local Navy SEAL hero, they were all in.

“Anytime somebody calls us to help out with any military or veteran causes, we’re always happy to help,” said Local 25 Business Manager Kevin Casey in a video on the project produced by the National Electrical Contractors Association.

With help from some travelers, members of Long Island, N.Y., Local 25 are powering two overflow hospitals to deal with the demand from the Coronavirus pandemic.

On February 28, 2017, I, along with Business Representative Jack Majkut, visited the Nassau Coliseum to see the work being done by Local 25 Brothers and Sisters and to see the progress being made. The Coliseum looks great and the quality of craftsmanship by our Brothers and Sisters was exactly what I expected. I would like

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On October 1, 2021, Local 25 held its Fourth Annual College Scholarship Golf Outing.This year we held the event at Willow Creek Golf Course in Mt. Sinai. Once again, we hada beautiful day with the weather. This event has become such a great success, that overthe last 3 years the Local 25 Scholarship Committee has raised over $204,000 dollars andhas given out 35 Scholarships to members children for college tuition. I would like to takethe opportunity to thank all of our sponsors for their support in making this such a greatevent. 


Sisters and Brothers, as I sit here and write this article for the Conduit, Thanksgiving has just passed. Employment is still very good. Even with the UBS Islander Hockey Arena finishing up, we still have a little over a hundred travelers working in the jurisdiction. We still have plenty of work on the books for next year.

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